Consulting Services

Robin Swan is a holistic health practitioner with a background in somatics, metaphysics, bodywork, alternative medicine for life-threatening diseases, ministry, doula services, and public speaking. Her philosophy is “Love all ~ Serve All”. Robin’s holistic health approach is to bring the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental facets of the body into a balanced state for a joy-filled, pain-free life. She is committed to the principles of faith, hope, charity and love in her work.

Are you ready to rock? Add life to yourself ~ your life and all those around you? How do you ensure your business will be successful? Do you need a little extra coaching on health and wellness to ensure the natural pathway you are choosing will give you the benefits you are seeking? Working with Robin one-on-one will give you the strength, guidance, information, and skills you need to make educated and informed decisions regarding these very important choices and life decisions.

Robin brings 30 plus years of entrepreneurial experience in the fitness, wellness and cannabis industry. Having taken over 3 products to market, as well as developed products designed for the fitness and cannabis industries.  Robin’s vast experience and knowledge in how to “get’er done” is unmatched.  She can lead you up and over your obstacles, bring the light of understanding to your darkest corners as well as offer up lots of solutions to your “big ass’ problems.

If you are ready to take the leap, give up your story of failure,  defeat, and fear. If you are ready to  step into your success, Robin’s honest and unmerciful approach will help you achieve your goals quickly efficiently with a great amount of joy, fulfillment,  and fun!